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We sell Olhausen Pool Tables and they’re the best in the world made in the USA in Portland, Tennessee. In our experience there is no table as good as Olhausen pool tables in Cincinnati, Ohio. They play better than any other table. Their Accu-fast cushions are the real thing and they will last for your lifetime. Olhausen is the brand that pool table technicians prefer to assemble. Contact us at: (513) 456-2200

Accufast Cushions

Not all 100% pure rubber cushions are created equal. Cheap fillers have been used in billiard cushions for years. However, more and more billiard manufactures are following Olhausen’s® lead and making cushions from 100% pure gum rubber. But why settle for an imitation when you can have the cushion that has set the standard for accurate, consistent play-Accu-Fast. Of the five grades of rubber available, only the highest grade is good enough for Accu-Fast. This premium-quality rubber is processed with proprietary chemicals and pigments to increase accuracy and produce consistent play. To prevent the tendency of rubber to revert to its natural soft state, Olhausen also uses special “anti-reversion” chemicals. And because of scientific advances in the curing of rubber, canvas control fabric is not needed with Accu-Fast cushions.

Santa Ana Model

For optimum performance Accu-Fast cushions comply to a true K-66 face profile, which has been the standard of the industry for nearly a century. To help protect the environment, they comply with federal air-quality regulations. What’s more, Accu-Fast cushions are made in the good ol’ U.S.A. (It would be less expensive to import them, but Donny wasn’t willing to sacrifice quality in the most important part of your table.) This is why Olhausen has the confidence to offer a Lifetime Warranty on its Accu-Fast cushions. That’s right-a lifetime warranty. So the next time someone says, “All pure rubber cushions are the same,” you can straighten them out, right?


“Accu-Fast Cushions were designed in the early 1990’s… our business has tripled since then!” – Donny Olhausen, CEO

We proudly Serve Cincinnati and its surrounding areas: Blue Ash, Montgomery, Evendale, Hyde Park, West Chester, Loveland, Indian Hill, Wyoming, Springboro, and Mason

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