Need a pool table moved to a new residence? Or perhaps, you need a pool table moved out of your way, while you complete some home improvements? We can help you.

Dayton Billiards keeps highly qualified pool table service techs on staff. It does not contract work out. Its pool table techs are bonded and insured, showing its commitment to having highly professional pool table techs. Its pool table techs have years of experience.

Service Work

Our services, include, but are not limited to:


1. Pool Table Moves & Setups

Whether you are moving or buying a used table, we can help you move your pool table.

2. Reclothes and Recovers

We can put a new felt on your table.

3. Disassembles & Reassembles

We can disassemble and reassemble your table for you.

4. Rerubbers

If the rubber on your rails is getting hard, or developing dead spots, we can put new rubber on your rails.

5. Slate & Leg Levels

We can re-level your table so that plays right.

6. Dolly Moves

Doing some work on your home and need your pool table out of the way? A dolly move may be a cost effective solution.

7. Pool Table Storage

We can store your pool table for you.